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Quality certificates

Calidad Certificada
This certificate identifies products that fulfil specific characteristics to be awarded a quality level guaranteed by an official body such as the Andalusian Regional Government through the Regional Agriculture and Fisheries Ministry. Awarded to us in 2001..
EU Organic Farming
The EU organic farming logo guarantees to consumers that the origin and quality of certified foods and beverages fully comply with the stipulations of the EU’s organic farming regulations.
Andalusian Organic Farming Committee
Seal of the Andalusian Organic Farming Committee: a non-profit organisation for the development of certified organic farming and cattle-breeding as well as for the protection of the Environment and Rural Development. Awarded to us in 2001..
Calidad Rural- Poniente Granadino
Certificate granting the "Calidad Rural- Poniente Granadino" (Rural Quality – Granada West) Regional Quality Trademark for meeting economic, social, environmental and product quality parameters. Awarded to our company in 2006..
Species authorised for trade
Species authorised for trade.