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Sustainable caviar

Sostenibilidad en Caviar de Riofrío

In Andalucia and in all areas of the world where sturgeon fishing was common, huge sturgeon populations almost became extinct because of over fishing or the deterioration of their natural habitat.

After more than 20 years of research and development, Piscifactoría Sierra Nevada (PSN) has a wealth of experience in the breeding of this native European sturgeon, the Acipenser naccarii.

PSN now has the largest sturgeon population of the Acipenser Naccarii sturgeon in the world, with over 600 t and the possibility to respect wild stocks and produce sustainable caviar of the highest quality.

Good things require time, patience, and care.

One of the main differences that differentiate our caviar from the naccarii sturgeon to others is that our females need almost 16 years to produce caviar, double the amount of time of other caviars on the market.

Furthermore, the conditions that the sturgeons are farmed in at PSN are also an important factor. Our installations can be found in a natural and open location where the sun, air and pure water from the rivers nourish our pools, and are the basis of our organic process. The result of all this is a European organic stamp controlled by official organisms and organisations for sustainable development whereby natural and technical parameters grant the security and purity of pleasure for its clients.