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Organic caviar

The authentic fresh caviar that Tsars delighted their palates with

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Traditional caviar

Fusion of Iranian tradition with Riofrio's

exquisite raw material

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Russian style caviar

The purest Russian tradition with just the right touch of salt

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Naturally Riofrio. Naturally sublime

Thanks to the extraordinary natural conditions of Riofrio, a small village in the Loja mountains, Caviar de Riofrío is the first certified Organic caviar in the world.

Made without preservatives, it offers a luxury which up until a few years ago was within reach of very few: Fresh caviar. A mild and exclusive product with an impressive range of nuances.


The world of caviar and sturgeon breeding is fascinating

At Caviar de Riofrío you have the opportunity of discovering all the breeding phases of the sturgeon through visits and exclusive tasting sessions.

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How to taste caviar

We recommend enjoying this delicacy alone, with a Mother of pearl spoon or on the back of your hand

Caviar is a luxury ingredient which is increasingly used in haute cuisine around the world.

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The CITES seal

The CITES Quality certification guarantees the quality, origin and authenticity of the caviar

Also, it preserves the conservation of the species, as it fights towards legal and sustainable trade. All our products bear this seal.

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The sturgeon cycle

Discover the Acipenser naccarii, also known as the Adriatic sturgeon or ‘sollo’. An indigenous species we have recovered in Riofrío and is one of the most appreciated worldwide.

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The farm website

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Freshness guaranteed

Freshness guaranteed

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We certify the origin, care and nutrition of our animals, it’s our guarantee of a sublime product.

Maximum care

We always respect the cold chain so that your product arrives in the best possible condition.

International deliveries

We offer deliveries to more than 15 countries ensuring the best delivery deadlines.

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