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“With this so good water
we can raise the best trout”
Doctor Luis Domezain 1963

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Founded in 1963, Caviar de Riofrío is todaya world benchmark in luxury and top quality gastronomy. It is one of the main sturgeon aquaculture breeders in Europe, the most important in the Acipenser naccariispecies, and the first with an Organic certification for caviar.

Its sturgeon is bred in the best waters in Spain at a constant temperature of between 14-15º C, naturally reproducing its wild habitat. Caviar de Riofrío is recognised as one of the best in the world thanks to its freshness and range of nuances. Since 2019, the company operates under the name of Riofrío 1963, maintaining the same structure, location and spirit of its origins.

Nowadays, the caviar de Riofrío brand is appreciated by gourmets all over the world, the most exclusive delicatessen shops and numerous chefs with Michelin stars. Both traditional recipes are created – Russian and Iranian – as well as organic ones, which are the most sought after. Also various derivatives are prepared from caviar and sturgeon meat.

From traditional fishing to the manufacturing of Organic caviar

Caviar de riofrio: Descubre quienes somos


Originally used for windmills, fulling mills and drop hammers, the waterfall at the source of the river Frío was discovered in the 1960’s by Doctor Domezain, the pioneer of fish farming in Spain, a doctor from the region of Navarre who together with two partners founded the first fish farm in Riofrío in 1963 Domezain was attracted to this area for its unique conditions: the water sources naturally and throughout the whole year 300 metres away from the fish farm, at a stable temperature of between 14-15º C.


Domezain started to fill the farms with trout, becoming renowned for its famous Ríofrio trout brand. The flavour of the fish, the restaurants on the riverbank, the beauty of the environment and the strategic location began to attract thousands of visitors to this small corner of the Loja mountains.


In the 1980’s, the Domezain family began to breed sturgeon in captivity to produce caviar. This re-introduction of the Acipenser naccarii sturgeon to Riofrío, very close to the Guadalquivir waters where they had lived in the wild, immediately aroused a lot of scientific interest. In the 1990’s the great opportunity presented itself: an international decree which began to consider sturgeon to be a species in danger of extinction, and therefore banned it from being fished. Caviar producers could no longer capture these enormous specimens from the Caspian sea, the moment had come to search for fish farms which offered the optimal conditions to breed this fish from which the most expensive gourmet product in the world is produced.

Today, all the caviar on offer comes from non-wild animals, therefore its quality and excellence depends on the place where it is generated. Due to the quality of its water, its natural temperatures and hours of sun in this corner of Granada, the Caviar de Riofrío fish farm attains its unique quality in the world.

Organic caviar

In the year 2000, Caviar de Riofrío became the first Organic caviar in the world, achieving the first certification for caviar and the breeding of sturgeon.


We delivered our first export of caviar from Spain to Russia in 2012. A milestone in our history, which proves world acceptance of Riofrío’s Organic caviar.

Riofrío 1963

Since 2019, the company has operated under the name Riofrío 1963, maintaining the same structure, location and spirit of its origins.

Currently, Caviar de Riofrío employs four biologists, three Russians and a Spaniard, and more than 100,000 fish are bred. The aim, which is achieved year after year, is to obtain a product of sublime quality which respects the environment to the utmost and the quality of life of the animals. Therefore, the system used is free of antiobiotics and force feeding, as well as dedicating a third of the fish farm surface to maintaining the purity of the water which is returned to the river clean again and is the key to the quality of the caviar. This completely natural water purification system attracts characteristic birdlife.

With its 100% ecological and sustainable system in the whole production chain, Caviar de Riofrío continues to be a benchmark in the world.