Russian Style Classic Caviar

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Low maturation caviar. With a mild preservative, a stronger flavour than the Organic type and with less flavour than the traditional Iranian product, intermediate between both.

Our Russian style classic caviar is packed in metallic tins with a wide range of formats from 15 – 500g.

Consult theingredients and allergens of this product.

You may choose between our two categories: Classic and Excellsius, the size of the roe in our Excellsius range is larger which will greatly enhance the sensation in the mouth.

Russian Style Classic Caviar - 500 g.
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Russian Style Classic Caviar - 200 g.
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Russian Style Classic Caviar - 100 g.
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Russian Style Classic Caviar - 50 g.
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Russian Style Classic Caviar - 30 g.
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Russian Style Classic Caviar - 15 g.
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Our Russian style classic caviar is elaborated using a readaptation of the Russian ‘Malossol’ process, which consists of adding little salt, approximately between 3-4%.

This elaboration process is based on the purest Russian tradition, used since the time of the Tsars and applied by our experts with low maturation to obtain a somewhat more powerful flavour than the organic caviar, maintaining some of its nuanced flavours.

The Acipenser naccarii, the sturgeon we breed, is a native species which is almost extinct and which we have managed to recover in captivity. Having been around for 250 million years, it is a live fossil, which grows slowly and whose caviar which we extract after 18 years of rearing on average, is an authentic jewel.

The colour of this gourmet delicacy is usually pearl grey, but may produce different reflections.

«They also put down a black dainty called, they say, ‘caviar’, and made of the eggs of fish, a great thirst-wakener.»

Don Quixote.. Miguel de Cervantes (1605).

Additional information

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Sturgeon roe and salt.




Acipenser naccarii.


Malossol style caviar (little salt) following the Russian technique.


Traditional metallic tin.


15, 30, 50, 100, 200 and 500 g.




Grain caviar.


Variable from greeny grey to dark grey and golden brown.


Intense, flavoursome, firm consistency and smooth aroma.


Between 0-4ºC


6 months.


Refrigerated. Delivery 24-48h.