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A Cookie is a file that is stored on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or device when you access certain websites. Cookies make it possible for a website to collect and track information about your or your equipment’s browsing. Depending on the information the cookies provide and the way your equipment is used, they may help us to recognise users.

Your browser stores cookies on the hard disk only during your current session, occupying minimal memory space. Cookies do not damage your computer. Cookies do not contain any kind of specific personal information and most cookies are erased from the hard disk when you close your Web browser (so-called session cookies).

What kind of cookies are used on this Website?

When you browse through our Website, the following cookies may be stored on your device:

Type Cookie Name Description Use
PERFORMANCE Performance cookies are used to enhance your browsing experience and optimise the operation of our Website They store your service settings, so you don’t have to re-set everything the next time you return to our Website.
  • Optimal video streaming speeds.
  • Content adapted to browsing.
  • Promotion of preferred content.
  • Keeps track of items added to your cart for e-commerce services.
GEOLOCATION Geolocation cookies tell us where your computer or device is, so we can supply you with the most appropriate content and services.
  • Content adapted to country, city or town, language…
LOG-IN Log-in cookies are created when you sign up with us or log on to one of our Web portals.
  • You remain logged on after closing your browser, so you don’t have to enter your credentials again when you return to our Site, unless you sign out or close your session.
  • To access certain areas on our Site, for instance, to enter a competition.
ANALYTICAL Analytical cookies compile anonymous information about your browsing experience on our Websites. – They help us to count the number of visitors on the Site or track the most visited content
  • They help us to know if the user is new or returning.
  • That information can help us improve browsing and deliver a better service.
ADVERTISING Advertising cookies gather information about the advertisements shown to anonymous users on the web portals. – Adapt advertisements to the type of device used by the user.
  • Display advertisements managed through a third party (“Ad-servers”) which are shown on the page in real time.
  • Gather information about the outcome of a campaign, including number of clicks, duration, frequency…
  • Display advertisements that may be of interest to you based on your browsing activity

How to Disable Cookies

You may change your browser settings at any time and control cookies:

Your personal data will not be disclosed to any third parties You should also know that we will not transfer your personal data internationally to any third countries.

Cookie Policy Updates

Our Cookie Policy is subject to updates. Please read our policy every time you visit our Website, so you know how and why we use cookies.