Cubes of caviar

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At Caviar de Riofrío we have developed a new concept for the world of high quality restaurants and cocktail bars, Caviar de Riofrío Cubes of Caviar, a result of the hard work and research of our R+D department respecting the essence of the original product, the authentic Caviar de Riofrío. A unique and exclusive way to taste authentic caviar, in a cocktail, shot, snack or as an ingredient in the best gastronomic creations.

Contains 5 / 25 units.

Consult the ingredients and allergens of this product.

Cubes of caviar - Cubes of caviar 6 g.
12.00 VAT included
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Cubes of caviar are a spectacular addition to cocktails and shots served at any social gathering, providing a unique experience and distinguished touch to the event.

We offer you here our proposal paired with vodka, although we are sure you will have many more ideas:
Serve the cubes on cocktail sticks and place on a napkin to drain the excess oil and serve your guests cold shots of vodka.
Take a sip of vodka to clear your palate and introduce the cube into your mouth.
Avoid biting it straight away and enjoy its initial, intense taste, delight in the delicate ocean taste which gradually appears as it melts in your mouth.
Take a sip of vodka and mix the flavours in your palate, the result will surprise you.

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Sturgeon roe, salt and sunflower oil.