Secretos del caviar: Guía de ConsumoCaviar de Riofrio

Consumer guide

Different aspects should be taken into account when consuming authentic, top quality caviar. Our recommendation is to taste this delicacy alone, with a Mother of pearl spoon…
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esturión Acipenser naccarii


Cossacks, Turks, Persians…This delicacy has been attributed different origins and qualities over the Ages. The Cossacks, the first people to consume it…
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The CITES seal

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) created the regulations on international trade of all species of sturgeon in 1998…
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Secretos del caviar: produccion Caviar de Riofrio


With a lifecycle of between 80-120 years, sturgeon are authentic living fossils which appeared on the Earth 250 million years ago, during the dinosaur era…
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Secretos del caviar: Recetas Caviar de Riofrio


Although our recommendation is to taste caviar alone, thanks to the exceptional quality of Caviar de Riofrío, you can make these recipes designed by the Michelin star chef Diego Gallegos, also known as “The Caviar Chef”…
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