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Envases en Caviar de Riofrío

All our caviars are classically vacuum-packed in tins or glass jars, for retail sale or use in the kitchen.

We can offer you tins and jars designed to supply from 15g to 500g.

All packaging is guaranteed with our certificate of origin, and the product is exclusively packaged by Caviar de Riofrío, S.L.

We can study your packaging requirements according to the product’s destination, rotation, shelf life, retail price or kitchen cost, to optimise its use.

For distributors, in addition to our own brands, we can design an exclusive caviar line for you.


Logística en Caviar de Riofrío

Europe’s large network of refrigerated transport allows us to deliver our range of caviars in the ideal conditions.

In Spain, the speedy delivery refrigerated transport network allows us to make door to door deliveries in even less than 24 hours.

We also make use of air deliveries. Our premises are less than one hour away from Málaga international airport, where our freight carrier and customs agent offer us the best possible direct service across Europe as well as for export outside the EU.

All our products comply with the international certification of CITES and are suitable for export together with our European health certification.